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Lock Types

Locks, Locks and more Locks!
Go to any hardware store and ask the clerk for a lock, and the first thing they will ask you is "what do you want to lock?" That is because today there are so many different locks and methods of locking, most differences are in the locks design, not so much in the actual working mechanism of the lock. For example, the Hardware associate may show you a deadbolt lock for your front door, while this is different from the door knob lock, the principals of how the locking mechanism works are the same. Here are some of the most common types of locking mechanism found on the market today.

1. Pin tumbler lock. Used for house and garage door, padlocks, mail boxes.
tumbler lock
Pin tumblers offer the most security for the price. They have very fine tolerances and with 5 pins, there are close to 1,000,000 combinations, and make up almost 1/2 of the locks in use today.

2. Wafer Tumbler Lock. Used for garage and trailer doors, desks and padlocks.
wafer lock
Wafer locks use the same principal as a pin tumbler lock but utilize wafers instead of pins. This makes them easier to pick than and account for almost 1/4 of the locks in use today.

3. Warded Lock. Mostly used in cheap padlocks but still in product for entry ways in the UK and Ireland.
warded lock
Warded locks are very easy to pick, there are thousands of variations from different manufactures but all warded locks work the same.

4. Tubular Cylinder Locks. Used for alarm security system boxes, new vending machines, car wash controls.
tubular cylinder lock
Tubular Cylinder locks stand out as the most secure lock for the money, they are difficult to pick and must be re-picked back to a locked position.

5. Disk Tumbler Locks, AKA Combination Lock. Used in Gym, Bicycle locks and common padlock applications.
combination lock
Combination or Disk Tumbler locks have become more and more sophisticated. Used because they cannot be picked with the ordinary pick tools, and require lots of practice to be proficient at opening.

There are quite a few more lock types out there including BioMetric, Key card, Palm Reader Double Wafer and Dimple Type, but they all are built for the same purpose.

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